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Ny Times

Time to enjoy the Fashions from NyC

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Spring/Summer 2017

Artistry In Motion, Free Nature, and Random Access present their new styles for Spring/Summer 2017, featuring Charles Ross

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Free Nature F/W 2015 - Woodland Loggers Collection

Free Nature's Woodland Loggers collection features a set of washed fleece button ups in 4 standard colors. A call back to the classic plaid pattern, the light fade adds a level of depth compared to traditional fleece garments. The shirts are without any unnecessary design additions - just a functional button down bias pocket - ready for whatever you're getting into.

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Random Access' F/W 2015 - The Modern Intellectual Collection

Random Access’ Winter 2015 collection is inspired by late 1800’s British menswear with a modern twist. The shawl collar was originally intended to protect one’s clothes while enjoying a smoke, but has evolved into a versatile feature that is both comfortable and intellectual. Going through the collection, it offers indigo and overdye knits with fashion details that add simplistic style to classic pieces. Deep indigo and denim based woven’s with subtle stitching and mixed fabric details allow for style and sophistication to become one. Each piece proves to be timeless and can remain a permanent resident in one’s closet.

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Welcome to the new SUPER MASSIVE SHOP! We are a New York based apparel company serving you with the latest in apparel trends.  Here you'll find all the in-house brands of Massive Apparel (   From the Ivy League inspired Artistry In Motion, to the outdoor themes of Free Nature, and finally the Denim-related stylings of Random Access, we're sure you'll find something that appeals to the modern and classic you. Stay tuned for updates and don't sleep on Super Massive Shop!  

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