Jakob Takos

Jakob Takos

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Jakob Takos, born and raised in South Florida, has been a working creator since his early days as a 16 year old gigging musician. Absorbing inspiration from Beach Folk to Rhythm and Blues sounds, Jakob Takos has blended a style into what he calls ‘Sunshine Soul.' Hear it for yourself and check out his band Jakob Takos & The Connection.

However, music is not where this creative entrepreneur stops, local businesses started to take notice how he markets and represents his music and himself online. Takos had also started an instagram account called MusiciansDaily that grew (20k+ followers) over the years opening doors of opportunity like being invited to the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) and speaking at a digital media conference in Charleston South Carolina.

As Takos began creating content for small businesses, he realized the value in the creation of creative content. Shortly after, he bought his very first camera and launched his own company, Nothing Negative.

Fast forward today, Jakob Takos has toured as a photographer for bands nationally and continues to release his own original music with his band. What he values the most is creativity and connection, which he funnels into his passion, which is music.