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"Moose Jaw Bluegrass combines hard-hitting originals, eclectic covers, and driven bluegrass favourites to create a unique and energetic sound sure to entertain.

Born and based in PG County Maryland, Moose Jaw is . . .


She's Canandian, she plays fiddle, what more is there to say? Stacey Sinclair is originally from Canada, a country with a long history of fiddle music. She blends this influence with her classical violin training when she plays American bluegrass. Stacey also teaches the next generation of musicians as a violin instructor and has coordinated children's activities for Shepherd's Ford Productions at Watermelon Park Bluegrass Festival.


A Maryland boy, Chris tramped off to the hills of western Pennsylvania to study the 3 B’s: books, beer and banjos. There he woodshedded with old hill cats in barns outside of abandoned steel and coal towns playing any instrument he could take a turn on. He joins Moose Jaw on bass adding thumping bluegrass rhythm.


Jason Roe plays 5-string banjo in Moose Jaw. He derives his vast musical influences from the depths of traditional bluegrassers, labor song writers, and heavy metal. When Roe is not performing in the group: he spends his time as a devoted father, dedicated activist, and noted collector of tiny porcelain clown figurines. He is a native son of Prince George's County, Maryland and currently calls the People's Republic of Greenbelt, MD home.


Addison Bartlett was born in the back woods of Prince Georges county and began his classical training at the age of 7. He has been in many rock, punk, and blues bands and played with the Irish rock band Stout Seven for many years before Moose Jaw. He picked up mandolin at the age of 20 as a new endeavor to broaden his horizons and found himself immersed in the world of folk, bluegrass, and other traditional styles of music.


Josh Taylor, born in Prince Georges County Maryland started playing music at the age of 6. Josh has been in dozens of bands, many different styles of music. Traditionally trained in blues, Josh found his love for bluegrass and roots music quite recently."

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