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Nehemiah is an African Drummer, Funkologist and 70s Funk DJ. Born in Haiti, Nehemiah is a self taught percussionist on the Djembe, Congas , Bongos and more. He loves bringing the African presence to every environment to spread community and culture. 

Combining his love of music and history, he is also the host of the 70s Funk History Podcast,  “Stank! with DJ Tequesta”, which explores the 1970s funk scenes across different cities in the USA. Each episode is accompanied by playlists on Spotify and YouTube full of local 70s funk. 

As a 70s Funk DJ, Nehemiah loves curating musical experiences that gets people off they feet and on to the dance floor. From the slow jams to the Funky Chicken, Nehemiah loves spreading his love of 70s Funk through DJ opportunities.

A natural collaborator, Please contact him at for any of your African drumming and 70s Funk DJing needs.